Useful Websites

CIEC  This stands for the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration.  They are based at York University.  As well as employing advisory teachers to run various CPD opportunities (including me), they support schools to make links with local industry. This gives children direct experience of how science contributes to their lives.  More importantly, it helps them to realise what opportunities there are for their future selves to work as scientists and helps dispell stereotypes of scientists working in laboratories and blowing things up!  They also produce loads of free resources.  This includes an amazingly useful booklet focussed on progression in working scientifically.  There are also countless other resources making links between industry and the science programme of study.  They are all being updated at present and I will review each one as it is updated.  In the meantime they are well worth a look as they stand

Primary Sci is a blog written by Claire Lopez who is an experienced secondary science teacher; she has recently started teaching science at a girls prep school.  She is loving teaching this younger age group and her enthusiasm bubbles through her blog.  Her secondary science expertise coupled with her innovative approach means that she is seeing primary science teaching through fresh eyes.  She is extremely generous with her ideas and it is well worth spending some time exploring this wonderful website.  In particular I am looking forward to trying out the Rainbow Density Towers.  She not only describes how to make them, but shares some ideas about how she would use the activity in her own classroom.  I would also highly recommend her post, written on the 9th January, about ‘Life after Levels’.