Getting the Washing Dry!

painting compost front 008.JPG

Yesterday was one of those horrible dank days when everything seems damp even though it isn’t raining.  I hung my washing out more in hope than expectation.  It reminded me how much my children at school used to enjoy washing the doll’s clothes and then hanging them on a home made washing line to dry.  This was something that we only did when it was a ‘good drying day’.   In retrospect I realise that it would have been more valuable if sometimes the children had hung their washing out to dry on days like this.  When it didn’t dry there would have been much more discussion.  There would have been much more opportunity to learn what actually happens when washing dries; to understand about evaporation.

As it was, in we only hung our washing out when the sun was shining and a breeze was blowing.  What things would you change about your practice if you could change the past?