Whatever the weather …..

summer 2015 008

The weather here has certainly turned a lot colder!  However, as Early Years teachers are fond of saying “There is no unsuitable weather; just unsuitable clothing!”  The trouble is there may be  will certainly be some children in your class who are reluctant to put on coats, however cold the weather becomes.  Conversely, even in the middle of a heat wave there are a few children who need to be forced to take their sweatshirts off!

To help develop children’s awareness of the importance of choosing suitable clothing it can be worth having a class mascot and a selection of clothing which children need to dress for the appropriate weather each day.  In the early years classroom this could be a significant part of the welcome routine; for older children it is likely to be a bit more light hearted.  In all classrooms it is an opportunity for children to think about why we wear the clothes that we do, and perhaps to take more responsibility for the choices that they make.

I hope that you are enjoying the seasonal weather wherever you are, and managing to keep warm.

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