Hello there!  My name is Jane and until recently I worked as an Early Years and KS1 teacher in a small Lincolnshire school.  I’ve always particularly enjoyed science teaching and learning, and recently took on a new role as a ‘Professional Development Leader’ for CIEC at York University.  I lead continuing professional development experiences for teachers in all aspects of primary science but my particular loves are Early Years and the Outside Classroom.

Science 018

Is there anything in the classroom as captivating as this?

I was expecting about 20 delegates to attend a work shop that I was running at a recent conference, but when over a hundred people turned up (and we had to be hastily moved to a much larger room), I realised that there were lots of people like me who believe in the importance of going outside with children more often.  I also realised that they are facing many of the challenges that I have faced and so the idea for this blog was born!

early years ramble 030

Participants working together to build a den on a recent course.

I must point out that most of the ideas that I plan to share are not mine!  Like all good teachers I have spent most of my career stealing magpieing ideas from others.   Nevertheless, these are all techniques and activities that I do know work because I have used them with my own class!


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